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VeeDub XIV Results!

VeeDub XIV Results!

Hope you were there, another successful year for VeeDub! Tons of talented competitors as well as a strong number of supporters made it another great contest. This year, the mayor even made a special appearance to cut the ribbon for the new part of the park.

In case you missed it, here's the results.

As always, a huge thank you to all of our amazing sponsors. See you next year!

1.) Luka Bielay
2.) Joey Noullette
3.) Kyten Traviss

Other entrants:
- Jacob Glover
- Oliver Ford
- Miko Tsares
- Kaius Nairn

1.) Nigel Boyce
2.) Ryder Mulherin
3.) Jackson Millar

Other entrants:
- Luke Hanna
- Matthew Louwrier
- Curtis Porter
- Oscar Lukie
- James Bateman
- Brandon Fraser
- Sage Massey
- Bradley Williams
- Logan Boyce
- Jackson Drew-Urquatit
- Sage Atleo
- Kyle Blackmore

1.) Aren Scott
2.) Brandon Nairn
3.) Eric Shestylo
4.) Dustin Schwam
5.) Colin Smith

1.) Carla Hyslop
2.) Una Farrar
3.) Piper Noble

Other entrants:
- Nadine Brown
- Cheyenne Wilson
- Christina Gosselin
- Sasha Lalonde

1.) Socrates Basil-John
2.) Ollie Morgan
3.) Ken Mclean

Other entrants:
- Bishop Robertson
- Elijah Agostinelli
- Travis Richards

1.) Merrick Orr
2.) Ryan Lepore
3.) Shay Sandiford
4.) Kyle McDill
5.) Dan Lintaman

Other entrants:
- Kayman Wodstencroft
- Bryden Amos
- Jesse Berdan
- Shawn Quinn
- Kai Vanderveen
- Eric Timmins
- Cam Blaney
- Jesse Faber
- Kyle Barry
- Tavish Wietzke
- Andrew Cartwright
- Reed Timmins

More photos from Scott Fraser Photography: 


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