Dreamboats SS Goodtimes

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  • $40

“Where did you get that?!” Get used to hearing that question. We heard it countless times over the three Summers of product development that we put into our first inflatable – the SS Goodtimes. With a long feature list including a built-in storage/cooler pocket, wide-mouth valve, the SS Goodtimes is an atten-
tion grabber out on the water. Make them jealous!


  • Storage/Cooler Pocket
  • Detachable Six Pack Cooler Bag
  • Cupholder
  • Dual handles
  • Supervalve
  • Included in box:
    • 5 Foot Lace for Tethering etc
    • Carabiner for Keys/Accessories
    • 6 pack Detachable Cooler Bag