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G&S Modern Machine

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The Modern Machine
Size range: 5’6″ – 8’6″

The Modern Machine is Shaped by Chris Darby.

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 6’10” Width: 21.5″ Nose: 16″ Tail: 14.5″ Thickness: 2.75″

Description: The Modern Machine’s simple concept of “Rounder, Wider, and Thinner”, combined with elements of the Egg, made this a best seller in the mid 70’s. If you are looking for the best all-around board design for everyday surf that’s free-flowing and loose…this is the one! Performs in 80% of conditions. If you can't afford a whole quiver, this board is one to consider.

Features: Flat bottom to slight “Vee” in tail. 70/30 Egg type rails with hard low rails in the tail. Can be ridden as a Single fin, 2+1, Tri fin or Quad