Naish Gerry Lopez Surfboard

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Of all the board models Gerry shapes, these funboards are the most popular because, simply put, they make surfing easy and fun. Suiting a wide range of rider sizes, surfing abilities and wave conditions, these surfboards make catching waves as easy as riding them.

Evolved from what used to be called a “mini-tanker” in the early 1980’s, the funboard is actually a shorter version of a longboard. It has been refined through the years to handle a wider range of waves in size and juice. Today’s funboard retains its fuller nose to maximize paddling efficiency and features a bottom shape that is flat-to-vee running out the tail. Modernized rails, edges, bottom rocker and foil make these boards fast, steady and maneuverable for heightened versatility in nearly any surf condition. 

All boards come with squash tails and thruster fin setups.


Our longboards are designed for old style riding or modern day maneuvers, whatever one’s pleasure happens to be. Nothing feels better than to ride the nose on a long section with the toes of one or both feet curled over the tip. Any longboarder worth his salt needs to have this move in his repertoire and our boards make it easy. 

The wide, full nose template gives one plenty of planing surface and room to stand up there comfortably. On the other hand, there is nothing finer than to lay out a smooth bottom turn or rail up and crank a long, clean roundhouse cutback, something pretty easily done once the surfer finds his sweet spot on our longboards. 

Both boards feature a squaretail, a high performance/easy paddling rocker and a slight concave under the nose running to flat and then into a long vee bottom out the tail. 


These boards grew out of the Funboard design in the search for more high performance without losing the paddling power. 

Quick and easy riding, they that can take it to the juice with confidence—knowing they will catch most any wave and still handle late take-offs, steep drops and fast, hollow sections. 

A single to double concave provide speed and holding power when the juice comes down. They also feature a soft swallowtail to add more horsepower.

All boards come with quad fin setups.