Victoria Slider Skimboard

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Looking to get into Flatland skimboarding? The slider is the perfect board for a beginner to intermediate Flatland rider read to improve his/her skills. Durable, fast, and easy to ride make it a must have board for any aspiring flatland rider. A step up from the flimsy wood boards you started on, the Slider is the board you need to get serious about learning flatland skimboarding.


S   50 – 110 lbs  40.6″ x 18.6″
M  90 – 160 lbs  43.5″ x 20.0″
L   140 – 210 lbs  46.5″ x 21.4″

(size, suggested weight, dimensions)


Core Material: Birch plywood
Core Thickness:  3/8″
Fiberglass:  E-glass (top & bottom)
Resin:  Polyester
Rails:  Rounded (top/bottom)
Shape:  Squash
Rocker:  Mid
Finish:  Textured