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We Love the Hypto Krypto





Fun fact // Haydenshapes have never actually released a dedicated surfing clip of the Hypto Krypto model, but it is about time we did. There are a few good sections out there in the DVD and digital space in films like ‘Slow Dance’, a Quiksilver board short commercial, a short edit by Rangi Ormand riding it some Junky breaks along with a technical model info clip with Hayden Cox breaking down the design. But if you’ve been trolling YouTube or Vimeo looking for an edit solely focused on the Hypto Krypto and Craig Anderson alone together and uninterrupted – you’ve likely clicked away empty handed.

Winner of 2014 Surfboard of the Year at Australian Surf Industry Awards and currently among the top best selling surfboards worldwide, Haydenshapes have let the feedback and ‘word of mouth’ from the many of those out there who own a Hypto Krypto | Future Flex do the majority of the talking. The continual and long-lasting hype of the model pays most of the credit to its very own ability of being able to sell it’s self - without too many gimmicks. At the end of the day though, the gimmicks are really not so bad when 3 mins and 38 seconds of footage of Craig Anderson surfing at E Bay and Dessert Point are thrown into the mix.. We thought the time had come...


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