Kahuna iSup Braddah 10'6"

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The BRADDAH All Terrain is the Brother to the Big. Go for a morning paddle on the lake, ride a few rapids, catch a wave, or go tandem with man’s best friend, no problem. Modeled after our “Braddah” we made the board 32” wide, this width gives you a very stable ride. At 4.75” thick, it’s a little thinner than its big brother, but you can still be up to 250lbs including your spare gear, and go anywhere. Being 4.75” thick makes the Braddah 25% stiffer than a 100mm or 4” board at the same psi. We also have a thumbscrew included with the fin, so… no screwdriver necessary! For 2016 we went back to the drawing board with the Board Bag. We designed a totally new Wheelie & Carry Bag, (2 in one) which holds the Board, Paddle, and all the included accessories. The straps can be tucked away if you’re traveling and wheeling, or you can use the bag as a Bag Pack to go anywhere you may desire.

With the board in the wheelie bag, including the Kahuna 3pc Full Carbon Paddle the complete kit weighs less than 30lbs. Easy to carry or now wheel through the airport. Your Adventure awaits!

The iSUP comes with bag, pump, 3PC carbon paddle, coil leash, fin & repair kit.