VeeDub Skate Competition 2018 - RESULTS

VeeDub Skate Competition 2018 - RESULTS

This year was VeeDub's fifteenth competition and it's continuing strong. So many talented athletes, friends and family came out to support the event. Congrats to everyone who participated, including Coastlines riders Eli and Jackson, stoked and proud! 



1.) Tristan Sorley
2.) Oliver Ford
3.) Luke Stevens


1.) Nigel Boyce
2.) Kyten Travis
3.) Jackson Drew
4.) Ryder Mulherin
5.) Oscar Lukie
6.) Parker Buttle


1.) Una Farrar
2.) Carla Hyslop
3.) Iva Jelovina


Best Yerba Mate leap: Merrick Orr
Longest/best manual: Eric Timmins
Longest Barbie-board toss: Dakota Lachance

OLD TIMERS (30+ Div.)
*No placings: all winners

- Jordan Barry
- Todd Myers
- Koji Hatori
- Justin “Big Toe” Freeborn

OLD TIMERS (40+ Div.)
*No placings: all winners

- Dustin Schwam
- Eric Shestylo
- Aren Scott
- Blarc Hlady
- Lisa Wietzke


1.) Elijah Agostinelli
2.) Sage Massey
3.) Jackson Millar
4.) Oliver Morgan
5.) Ken McLean
6.) Cam Blaney


1.) Dylan Timmins
2.) Merrick Orr
3.) Shay Sandiford
4.) Keith Stevenson
5.) Kyle McDill

Looking forward to the next one ladies and gents! 

For event photos check out their facebook page HERE, lots of uploads :)

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