Wetsuit Upcycling Clinic with Surfrider Vancouver Island

Wetsuit Upcycling Clinic with Surfrider Vancouver Island

We had a blast workshopping old wetsuits with Surfrider Vancouver Island. People got creative and made everything from beer cozies to straw cases, iPad cases to growler cooler, and even bikini's and this hilarious speedo shown below! 

The leftover bits of neoprene were collected to make yoga mats. Every little piece is useful.

Photo by Chris-Anne D. Lake

It's so important to apply ourselves and learn ways to be more sustainable. The age old saying reduce, reuse, recycle has been playing on repeat since we were children. All we have to do is listen and put in the effort. After all, we're responsible for our footprint.

For more info and knowledge on how to get involved, visit vancouverisland.surfrider.org 

Thanks to everyone who participated!


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